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Helpful Tips on Designing Your Own Face Masks

Face masks are surprisingly easy to make at home. All you need is some easily found materials and some spare time. However, the act of designing these masks is often more time consuming than the actual construction. You’ll need to consider a number of different factors when designing your own face masks. Here are a couple of tips from Face Masks Ireland that you should keep in mind throughout the design process.

Make Sure to Choose the Right Fabric

There are many options available for the material and fabric of your masks. However, it might be difficult to understand which one is best for your current circumstances. Masks that are made with household materials, such as a cloth, don’t deliver the same protection as medical-grade masks. However, they do offer some protection, which definitely makes them worthwhile. Using a mask, no matter what the fabric, is many magnitudes better at preventing viruses than wearing nothing.

Considering there is no major difference in protection when you compare common household materials like cotton or polyester, you should choose the fabric of your mask depending on comfort and availability. Masks that are worn for long periods can get damp and uncomfortable with certain materials. Ideally, you want a mask that will remain as dry as possible while comfortable on the skin. Thankfully, there are plenty of common materials that fit such criteria.

Don’t Forget to Think About the Fit

Depending on when and where you’ll be wearing the mask, the fit of the mask is an important consideration. Looser masks might feel more comfortable, but they usually don’t offer the same level of protection as tight masks. In the medical world, masks are incorrectly worn if there are gaps. When there are gaps, the chances of viruses entering increases dramatically. If you want maximum protection, you should ensure that you design the face mask to have a tight fit.

Situations such as masks for usage while walking in outdoor areas don’t need to conform to high levels of tightness. In these situations, it’s okay to design the masks to have a more comfortable loose fit. However, for any circumstance that involves getting close with large amounts of people, such as on public transport, you should always wear masks with a tight fit. Ultimately, you might want to design various masks for different uses. Designing masks for different occasions allows you to strike the perfect balance of comfortableness and protection depending on the risks.

Search Throughout the Internet for Possible Designs

When you have thought about the fabric and fit of your mask, you might want to get some design inspiration from the internet. Plenty of people have started making and designing their own masks. You’ll find thousands upon thousands of unique designs and ideas available for you to utilise on the internet. If you haven’t made masks before, you might also find some useful tutorials regarding the specifics of constructing the mask itself. In recent times, the number of informative videos regarding designing your own masks has skyrocketed.

You should try a bunch of different designs as some may look better online than in person. If this is your first time making masks, you’ll likely make some mistakes, which is why referencing many designs is helpful. Some designs will be more difficult to construct than others, so trying out the most basic designs at first is a great idea. As you build up your abilities, you can slowly but surely work your way up to some of the more intricate and extravagant designs that are available. Before you know it, you might be leading the recent trend in designing face masks by sharing some of your own unique designs.

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